Housekeeping Services

Premium Housekeeping Services Agency in Manchester, Staffordshire and Cheshire

We understand that everyone has their own way of doing things so we pay careful attention to the individual requirements of each of our clients. We value personalised needs and strive to exceed expectations. If you are looking for help with cleaning, food preparation or errand running, our housekeeping services can remove the stress of everyday chores so you can enjoy your quality time.

Our Premium Housekeeping Services offer support with the following tasks:

  • Housekeeping Services

    Food Preparation

    If you are looking for home-cooked meals, our housekeepers can prepare delicious and nutritious food to suit your own taste. Our assistants can also prepare and place drinks on ice.

  • Need Housekeeping Services

    Drop off and collect dry cleaning

    As a specialised housekeeping service provider we also offer friendly and professional staff who can arrange the packing, dropping and collecting of laundry. Our team can also assist with washing, loading and unloading of laundry, as well as arrange ironing and packing away of clothing etc.

  • Premium Housekeeping Services

    Bed making and furniture arranging

    Our trained housekeepers will keep your bedding well organised and clean, from making up of the bed to changing of sheets and so on. They can also assist with furniture arrangements to meet your individual requirements.

  • Housekeeping Service Provider

    Garden and flower arrangements

    You can have peace of mind knowing that our housekeepers can arrange gardeners and manage them to ensure stress-free gardening and maintenance of your outdoor area. Flower ordering and arrangements can be discussed with your housekeeper to make sure your home is always kept how you like it. Our team can also assist with maintaining your garden as well if required.

  • House Cleaning Manchester

    Shopping and errands

    The services of our housekeepers are not just restricted to the home specifically – we can also undertake day-to-day household tasks. Housekeepers can shop for food and supplies and run errands such as school runs. As a completely flexible service, you can set specific tasks for a day based on what you need and our reliable team will gladly assist. Shopping orders and collections etc. now couldn’t be easier.

  • Housekeeping Agency London

    Organising chauffeur services and car valet arrangements

    If you need housekeeping services and any of your friends or family requires a chauffeur service to be booked, our assistants can arrange the whole process. Car valet services can also be organised to suit your needs.

  • Housekeeper Manchester

    Home dressing and styling

    Our housekeeping service provider offers well trained housekeepers who can help spruce up your home and bring a fresh new look to any room with a few simple changes. They are well experienced in home styling and can transform rooms using your own furniture (furniture arranging) and favourite items.

  • Home Cleaning Services Manchester

    Party arrangements

    Planning a party is an enjoyable idea that often turns out difficult. Our friendly housekeepers can help plan your events so you can be sure of a memorable time.

Why choose our Housekeeping Services in Manchester, Staffordshire and Cheshire?

Our housekeepers have been carefully chosen for their skillsets, ability to work diligently and passion to help others keep their lives and environment tidy and well organised, whether it is with food preparation, cleaning or other housekeeping tasks. They have been carefully shortlisted and have been through various vetting processes such as reference checks to ensure they are trustworthy and capable. Our housekeeping services are fully insured for added assurance and our housekeepers can visit during the evenings or weekends to suit your schedule.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How will the housekeeper know what needs to be done?

    A. The needs of clients can differ so your housekeeper will work from a priority list that you prepare for him or her.

  • Q: Can I have the same day and time for each visit?

    A. Yes. We will work with you and your preferred housekeeper to create a schedule that suits your requirements.

  • Q: If I find a housekeeper that I like, can I request that person again?

    A. Clear communication is often essential in finding a good match. If you like the housekeeper referred to you, that individual can become your regular housekeeper. Otherwise, if you are not satisfied for any reason, let us know so we can find the right housekeeper for you.

  • Q: Do I need to be home when the housekeeper is there?

    A. No. Once you are comfortable with your housekeeper you can make arrangements for them to be at your home whether you are there or not. Our housekeeping services provide flexible solutions to suit your needs.