Hotel Housekeeping and Cleaning

A New Level of Hotel Housekeeping and Cleaning

Next to award-winning service, excellent facilities and unparalleled customer-experience, the hotel business is built on cleanliness, and is thus heavily reliant on hotel housekeeping services. Here at UK Cleaning Ventures, we aim to exceed the expectations of our niche’ business-2-business clients in the hospitality industry. This includes boutique hotels, large hotel chains, guesthouses and similar establishments connected to the accommodation, conferencing and tourism sectors.

As a commercial cleaning specialist proudly servicing the counties of Manchester, Staffordshire and Cheshire, we pride ourselves on being customer-centric. This means our knowledge and expertise in the hotel housekeeping sector enables us to have a firm and in-depth grasp of client needs, which is further underpinned by continuous industry research. Prior to launching the hotel cleaning division we conducted extensive market analysis and have subsequently attracted a growing number of hotel clients, seeking to enlist our specialised hotel housekeeping services and outsource their cleaning needs to professionals.

Our research also revealed that hotels often need to allocate large budgets toward staff training, recruitment and management, to truly achieve and maintain the high standard of cleanliness that hotel establishments have to represent. Our team soon found methodical ways of improving quality, while cutting costs. On average our approach can potentially save up to £20,000.00 (per annum) and more in some cases, depending on the size of the establishment.

Our unique approach means that establishments do not need to be contracted to an expensive hotel housekeeping agency, to maintain the standards they require. We understand that finding a professional and reliable hotel cleaner is a difficult, time-consuming task. We have developed our own risk-free formula that combines our proficiencies with clients’ needs in order to provide a tailored, cost-effective solution. Without giving too much away, our in-house formula optimises the ratio of hotel cleaner to area space, taking into consideration various factors such as occupancy, legal compliance, business-specific needs and so forth.

Hotel Cleaning Companies UK Standards

Individual hotel cleaner standards and methods often differ from person to person, and are usually dictated heavily by personal preference. However, commercial cleaning comes with a different set of rules. At UK Cleaning Ventures, we keep up to date with the latest cleaning trends that enable our workforce to be effective, efficient, compliant and current in terms of cleaning techniques, consumables, etc.

We further recognise the abundant health and business advantages of working in a clean environment, and understand the legislative and industry standards sought after in the United Kingdom. For instance, our company works to eliminate any potential health hazards, while also keeping the rooms neat and tidy. This adds to the aesthetic appeal of the hotel, while making guests, staff and suppliers all feel that much more comfortable and safe.

We are Trusted Hotel Housekeeping Contractors

With 25 years industry experience, we are the preferred supplier or hotel housekeeping agency to over 500 B2B customers when it comes to professional cleaning services. Whether you have a quaint 5-room establishment or sprawling luxury hotel, our scalable service offering can be tailored to individual customer needs. We have intensive quality control process in place, to guarantee a spotless finish. Our cleaning crew is made up of skilled professionals and we are fully equipped with all the necessary industry-approved commercial cleaning equipment, safety and health gear, uniforms and consumables.

We Offer More than the Average Hotel Cleaner

Cleaning is, in some ways, an intimate and delicate service that requires attention to detail, knowledge and the so-called “perfect touch”. Our team members are professionally trained in stain and dirt identification and removal, which means no spec of dust is left. The exact cleaning methodology yields flawless results and is built on trade secrets, which we allow our hotel housekeeping clients to exclusively benefit from.

We are also commited to values such as operating in an environmentally-friendy manner as well as staff retention. Unlike most hotel housekeeping contractors, we do not terminate in-house staff. Instead, we upskill them through a rigorous practical training programme, which is administered by our HR and skills-development personnel. The existing staff members are re-employed and managed entirely by our hotel cleaning agency under TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings – Protection of Employment) law, which ensures the rights and salaries of everyone is protected under UK labour legislation. We assume full responsibility for staff integration, training, welfare, employment contracts and so forth, so that establishments can focus on core operational activities.

Hotel Cleaning Companies UK Regulation Approved Services

The services we offer adhere to UK regulations and standards. We do not engage in any cleaning practices that will adversely affect or compromise the reputation of businesses or wellbeing of guests and staff. Our enlisted services extend beyond the classic room cleaning service in hotels and include the following:

  • General - Disinfection, sanitisation, vacuuming, mopping, general trash removal, dusting and standard wiping of surfaces and floors. This includes carpet care with periodic maintenance, deep cleaning and stain removal.
  • Outdoor Maintenance - Dusting and general wiping, ensuring streak-free windows and pressure cleaning.
  • Upholstery Care - Vacuuming, fabric stain extraction and treatments.
  • All round tidying and organisation.

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If you would like to schedule a consultation for an obligation-free hotel housekeeping quotation, simply email or call us today. Today's hotel businesses require more than the basic services of a traditional hotel cleaner or hotel cleaning agency, in order to remain competitive and attract the highest occupancy-rates possible, all-year round. We go beyond the typical room cleaning service in hotels through our unparalleled expertise, quality assurance and low pricing.