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Commercial Cleaning Company Manchester - Staffordshire - Cheshire

The value of a clean office, commercial / retail space or residential space used for commercial purposes such as a B&B, cannot be overstated. We provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services catering to the unique needs of the commercial sector. You can focus on your business enterprise and clients while we take care of all your general and specialised cleaning needs. Our skilled staff will work according to your schedule and without disrupting your day-to-day operations. Whether it is a multi-floor commercial building or a one-bedroom apartment turned B&B, our qualified team is your first choice for efficient, value-based cleaning services.

Our Professional Commercial Cleaning Services include:

  • Office Cleaning Services Manchester

    Office Cleaning Services

    We understand that a clean office environment can improve productivity in a company and we believe in nothing less than excellence. We recognise the importance of having a perfectly clean office or commercial space as this can play a major role in customer perceptions - and not to mention staff morale, appreciation and performance.

  • Apartment Cleaning Manchester

    Pubs, Bars & Restaurants

    At our commercial cleaning company we understand that the first impression of your restaurant or pub is crucial in attracting customers and making them feel at home. For this reason, we ensure that your establishment reflects the highest level of hygiene, cleanliness and neatness at all times. Pubs and restaurants also frequently undergo health and safety inspections and we help you ensure that your facility meets all the necessary standards without question.

  • Industrial Cleaning Manchester

    Car Showrooms

    Showrooms are generally visited by the public with high foot traffic, so health and safety is most important when working in these busy buildings. Our commercial cleaning company has special cleaning machines and equipment to make sure your vehicles are given the advantage and visibility they need, by making certain your showroom environment is ultra-clean. If specific assistance is required with cleaning of the vehicles themselves, we also have a team to accommodate that.

  • Industrial Cleaning Manchester

    Retail Units

    We know how important it is that all carpets, floor surfaces and the general presentation of retail outlets, shopping centres and supermarkets, are excellently maintained. We understand that a customer’s confidence in a retail brand is built on the first impressions of the premises so we endeavor to help you keep your retail space in pristine condition.

  • Commercial Window Cleaning Manchester

    Estate Agents

    Our commercial cleaning services are ideally placed for landlords, estate agents and business owners running B&Bs, to benefit from. Our dynamic cleaning team can come in and restore the property to immaculate condition so it is ready for your next tenant or guest. Your new tenants will move into a perfectly clean property and the standard will be set for how you expect the property to be kept in the new contract.

  • Commercial Window Cleaning Manchester


    Our commercial cleaning services recognise that it is vital that your gym looks clean and professional for your members, visitors and staff. A large number of people use the same machines and equipment so maintaining high levels of hygiene and cleanliness is essential daily. Our team can help maintain your gym or similar facility in excellent condition, be it on a weekly basis, ad-hoc or full-time management where a dedicated team is required to attend to all cleaning needs during all trading days.

  • Commercial Residential Cleaning Services

    Builders Cleans

    You can rely on us if you need commercial cleaning to get your premises spotless after refurbishments have been completed. We have worked on projects of all sizes from smaller home renovations to large national building projects where extensive post-building cleaning is needed.

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaners Manchester

    Landlord / Agent Cleaning

    Whether you are a tenant, landlord or letting agent, we can manage your cleaning needs irrespective of the property type or size. This includes cleaning in blocks of flats, residential estates or secure complexes and private residences being advertised for sale, tenancy and so forth.

  • Commercial Cleaning company

    Managed properties

    Our commercial cleaning services are available whether you manage a local property portfolio or a national property management service. We offer a reliable, professional and competitively priced cleaning service to property management agents.

  • Commercial Cleaning Contractors UK


    We specialise in commercial cleaning for warehouses that often have specific cleaning requirements. A warehouse that is clean and well maintained has various benefits ranging from improved working conditions to better operational efficiency e.g. smoother functionality of machinery and processes such as receiving, dispatch, storage etc.

How the Expert Commercial Cleaning Services in Manchester, Staffordshire and Cheshire (UK) work

  • 1

    Choose a cleaning service & book it online

  • 2

    We send a professional to your place

  • 3

    The cleaner takes care of everything

  • 4

    Enjoy amazing results & more free time

Frequently asked questions - Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Q: What time do you arrive at our premises?

    A. Our contract cleaning services are focused on client convenience so we can arrive at your premises at the time that suits you. This can be in the early mornings before your staff arrive, anytime during the day, or in the evening after everyone has left for the day.

  • Q: Are members of staff fully vetted?

    A. Yes. We adhere to a meticulous recruitment process whereby we obtain references from previous employers, proof of address, passport and driver’s license for our records.

  • Q: Are you fully insured?

    A. Yes. Our commercial cleaning company has comprehensive insurance in place.

  • Q: Do you supply everything that is needed?

    A. Yes. We supply all the labour, machinery, equipment, chemicals and materials needed to carry out all our commercial cleaning requirements.